My Elsa.


Recently I asked for advice on my Facebook page, because we were in need of a new hand mixer, since the old one started getting rusty. We weren’t really mourning our old one, it was cheap and I frequently pushed its limits. Therefore I intensely researched all the advantages and disadvantages of hand mixers, hand/stand mixer combos with rotating bowls and proper stand mixers, read a lot of reviews and discussed it with some of you. That way a hand mixer became a really awesome stand mixer in no time… Continue reading

The best in fall: pumpkin!


Hello dear ones,

slowly, fall is coming, the temperatures are going down and in the evenings we are wrapping ourselves up in a blanket on the sofa. But the best thing about fall is by far the omnipresence of pumpkin. When I saw red kuri squashes for sale in the supermarket last week, I instantly thought of pumpkin bread and I couldn’t stop myself from buying one. Continue reading

Vegan pumpkin soup

This soup is fast, easy, filling and very tasty! It is best served with some fresh baguette or ciabatta, but of course you can pick any other kind of bread.

Chili con carne Marion style

chili cover

Recently, visiting some friends, we ate some really awesome chili, which I finally managed to try out myself. Eating it a second time it was just as awesome as the first time, which made me want to share it with you. The gimmick is that it contains sweet potatoes and chocolate.  I changed some other small things, for example the original recipe called for vegetable stock, but I had leftover beef stock at home. Also, I used less canned tomatoes but added a little more tomato paste instead. Most importantly though, I added more chocolate! It's really super easy to make and totally awesome!

Raffaello cake


My boyfriend wanted a cake with coconut and since I love Raffaello I have tried making a cake that tastes like the small candy. If you google for recipes for something like that you find hundreds of links, but nothing really agreed with me. Especially since I wanted to make it without using Raffaellos. Therefore I had to come up with my own recipe and as mentioned I'm going to share it with you right here :) It's a simple almond cake with a coconut-cream cheese-butter cream. It's enough for an 18 cm spring form tin. For a 26 cm spring form tin you at least double the amounts.

Restaurant Day: soup kitchen


Yesterday’s Sunday was not only election day in Hamburg, but also international Restaurant Day. I hope I don’t have to explain to you anymore, what it is. But if you still don’t know it (what I would consider somehow shocking, because I regularly tell all the people around me), have a look at their website. Continue reading